Josh Godfrey

Managing Director

I was born in London but spent my early years in Buckinghamshire schooling at Thorpe House, Clares Court and John Hampden Grammar School before obtaining a degree in marketing at Portsmouth University in 2006. I joined blue chip company Hayes PLC in 2006 working in their construction recruitment division. That industry was hit hard by the 2007/08 banking crisis and in 2008 I left Hayes to set up Oakwood Estates.

I had no pre-conceived ideas on lettings or estate agency so I could form the company with a fresh insight on how I felt that business should be run. The concept has worked well which has meant we have been able to grow the business on a consistent basis year upon year. Over the past decade the industry has changed rapidly and so it’s been vitally important that we adapt and innovate so that we can provide the best possible service to all of our customers. I strongly believe that ‘you’re only as good as the people you have around you’. Without our fantastic staff and the loyal core of customers we would be half the business we are today.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in people moving out of London towards suburban locations. This trend has accelerated with the development of the Elizabeth Line. A key benefit to Oakwood Estates has been the location of our offices which has helped us to organically drive business to properties via our internal database rather than having to wait for incoming leads to be received through a property portal.

What I enjoy most is meeting and speaking to customers from all angles of the business whether it be property management, lettings or sales. I like rolling my sleeves up and getting involved in all aspects of the business.