Joanne Denyer

Sales Negotiator - Burnham Office

Hello I’m Joanne and before I joined Oakwood I worked for British Airways for 12 years.  I flew both short haul and long haul before deciding to hang up my wings and pursue another career. My aim for the next chapter was to find a challenge however I still wanted to stay very much people focused.

I certainly found what was I was looking for at Oakwood Estates. Working at Oakwood Estates is like working with family.  We are a close nit team who work together and get the job done!

What I enjoy most about working at Oakwood is you can never predict the day. One phone call can change everything.  It really keeps you on your toes and challenges you.

From my experience at Oakwood, what sets us apart is our culture.  We endeavour to offer a warm, considerate and straightforward service.  There’s nothing better than handing over a welcome move in box and a set of keys to a satisfied customer knowing you’ve helped them land their dream home.

My passions outside of work include Makeup which I practice around my job, and of course bringing up my beautiful one year old.

Office Contact Details

Oakwood of Burnham 39 High Street Burnham SL1 7JD


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